About Shozo Shimura

Shozo was born in Kofu, Yamanashi in 1954. After performing in local rock bands as a guitarist, he decided to move to Tokyo when he was 19, and joined several sessions including Panta & Hal and mighty band Tranzam. He started his career as a repair man when he was 26 and while he opened his shop in Waseda, he had worked for major musical instruments stores. He also produced Seymour Duncan Guitars, and dedicated much time on learning guitar manufacturing technologies. He met Tsuyoshi Kon around this time, and started teaching making guitars at schools and trained many new talents. In the meantime, he had worked with many top professional guitar players in Japan including Tsuyoshi Kon, Masaki Matsubara as a guitar tech for their concerts and recording and he is known as a legendary tech in Japan.

Shozo is responsible for choosing materials and parts, checking at the final stage of manufacturing and setup and also involved at the planning stage with a slogan, "Fighting Power".

Shozo Shimura's special method to choose wood for neck and setup.
It is common to choose wood for neck by wood grain with having thoughts of preventing neck to be warped in mind.
We employ Shozo Shimura's special tap tone choosing method that he choose wood for the best sound. Before guitars are being shipped, Shozo checks everything with setup and shipped in a condition just like the many top professional players are used with "Fighting Power".

About Tap Tone Choosing Method (Sound quality is the top priority)
Tap Tone Choosing Method is Shozo's original wood choosing method for neck. He taps 4 points on top and bottom wood, 2 points each side and choose right woods from how they sound. He decides the direction of wood by hearing the sound. By choosing right woods and deciding them in the right direction, it will help deliver body's vibration to the neck faithfully and helps making great sounding electric guitars/basses.

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