Providence Guitar

Providence Guitar

  • sD-102RVS
Tsuyoshi Kon, the player's player who is demanded the best performance in any situations all the time. Since the first model introduced in 2005, the Deceiver Guitar has been supporting his sound and now it's released under Providence brand.The first model is the Tsuyoshi Kon signature model, Desperado sD-102RVS.
A carefully chosen light ash two piece body,one piece maple neck with Indian rosewood fingerboard creates vivid, sharp and rich warm sound.
It also features the Vitalizer G1 circuit that converts the signal to low impedance which gives more life to the passive sound.
The pickups are J.M. Rolph's special pickups that are only available for this model, '59LP PAF Style/Tapped.
The Spaerzel 6L peg and Wilkinson VS-100 bridge will promise stable tuning even when player is using tremolo arm excessively.
The final setup are done by Shozo Shimura, who has been doing setup for Tsuyoshi Kon for many years and he will setup the guitar just like he does for Tsuyoshi Kon. The guitar comes with the certificate of authenticity with Kon’s autograph.

J.M.Rolph Pickup
J.M. Rolph is known for rewinding pickups for Eagles, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Motley Crue, Animals, and making handmade pickups. The '59LP PAF Style/Tapped are only available for this special model. Both neck and bridge pickups are able to switch to single coil with the tap switches. According to Tsuyoshi Kon, The sound of these pickups match well with the latest rig and it's a secret weapon for him.

Active Impedance Converter Vitalizer-G1
Passive sound with powerful signal!!
The Vitalizer-G1 helps prevent losing player's unique passive sound from guitar and converts the signal to powerful and vivid low impedance signal.
The signal from Vitalizer-G1 will be a great weapon that helps you to be released from stress of noise and signal degradation from long instrument cables and many pedals connected in between the guitar and amp.
Tsuyoshi Kon uses Vitalizer-G1 always ON and it is so important for him as he needs to be able to adapt in different situations.

→About Vitalizer-G1

Setup by Shozo Shimura
All Providence Guitars are fine tuned by Shozo Shimura.
He is trusted and respected by many top pros in Japan for many years.All of our guitars are inspected carefully by him to make sure they are ready to be used live or recording immediately.

→About Shozo Shimura


  • ●Body : Light Ash 2 piece
  • ●Neck : Maple 1 piece /400R
  • ●Fingerboard : Indian Rosewood
  • ●Frets : Jim Dunlop #6105
  • ●Scale : 648mm
  • ●Tuners : Sperzel 6L
  • ●Bridge : Wilkinson VS-100
  • ●Pickups : J.M.Rolph '59LP PAF Style/Tapped x 2
  • ●Pickguard : Mint 3 Piece
  • ●Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone /Mint
  • ●Vitalizer Circuit
  • ●Switch : CRL 3 Way, Coil Tap x2, Vitalizer® ON/OFF Switch
  • ●Jack : Switchcraft



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