Providence Guitar & Bass Electrics

Providence Guitar & Bass Electrics is a project that we are working on to solve unsolved electric field in electric guitar. We are reviewing it from scratch to improve the electric circuit such as pickups and inside of the cavity with Providence's electrical technologies. We aim to produce the products that matches today's sound scene from choosing parts while retaining the musical looseness and roughness that can't be detached from guitars, yet maintaining the theme of tuning the sound that is not too Hi-Fi and delivering the best sound quality.

Guitar Electrics Project

Active Impedance Converter Vitalizer-G1
Passive sound with powerful signal!
The Vitalizer-G1 helps prevent losing player's unique passive sound from guitar and converts the signal to powerful and vivid low impedance signal.
Based on the *Vitalizer and our electronic technologies, the Vitalizer-G was downsized, insulated, designed and improved to be equipped with a guitar.
It converts the signal to low impedance signal while preventing losing guitar's natural sound minimally and retaining passive sound.
While the signal from Vitalizer-G1 doesn't seem like anything changed, the strong signal from guitar that we set the sound image from 5m cable will be a great weapon for you as it helps release from stress of noise and signal degradation from long instrument cables and many pedals connected in between the guitar and amp.

・Input Impedance:1MΩ
・Output Impedance:100Ω
・Noise Level:Less than -95dB
・Power Consumption:Approximately 0.75mA @ 9V
・Module Size:27mm(W)×14mm(H)×50mm(D)
・Weight:Approximately 20g(module)/ approximately 5g (wire assay)

→About Vitalizer

Original Pickups espresso II Series

●Collaborating with professionals
Providence espresso II Pickups are produced by Shozo Shimura who has done many setup for top artists, and Providence’s engineers designed ideas with support from Minoru Kariya (Kariya-Pickups) to create the pickups that demonstrates players' sound fully.
We develop by judging the balance, picking, tone, nuance, sustain and attack when the pickups are installed as a set for neck and bridge on guitar while pursuing the great sound from pickup itself. Moreover, these are designed to be used with Vitalizer as well.
We currently have 4 types, HH, HSH, HTB (Hot Rails style for neck), and 3 singles.

Minoru Kariya (President of Kariya-Pickups)
Minoru is from Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.He was in charge of Artist Relations and repair at the guitar manufacture in Japan. He established Kariya-Pickups after he gained experience assembly at high end guitar manufacture and manufacturing pickups at pickup manufacture in 2008. He is one of the few developers who is ambitious for the future in Japan.
Most of the pickups he makes are made by selected magnet wired from USA, and their finishing is almost close to hand wired condition by meticulously adjusted coil's winding such as machine's speed and tension.
When we develop each model, we start discussing with Minoru, and start developing pro to types for each model's sound direction and concept. All proto type pickups are always tested by Providence and Shimura and manufactured at Kariya-Pickups once it's completed.

Choosing parts and developing

To provide the sound and play ability for today's scene, we chose the parts for cavity from scratch and develop it as it needed.

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