Providence Guitar

Providence Guitar

  • aH-102TRSC
(Seethrough Baumkuchen White)
(Seethrough Horizon Burst)
(Seethrough Carbon Black)
This is an original model with the theme, giving fighting power for not only a lead guitar player, but also a singer and guitarist.

Enhanced Fighting Power For Guitarist!!
While retaining the basic spec of the higher model, eH-202TRSC which was designed under the theme of Fighting Power, the aH-102TRSC was arranged to have more playability and reducing player's stress by featuring 2 piece ash body with 43mm thickness and gentle curved arch.
This is an ideal guitar for singer who plays guitar as well as a lead guitarist.

The original pickups eXpresso II and its hardware
This guitar is loaded with our original espresso II series pickups. These are produced by Shozo Shimura and developed with Minoru Kariya at Kariya-Pickups. The combination of the bridge pickup that is able to tap to switch humbucker and single coil, and hot railed neck pickup creates the rich and warm mid sound, long sustain and great picking attack.Also, it creates unique center position sound from the distance between the neck and bridge /> GOTOH SG381MG-T and 510T-FE1 bridge will promise stable tuning even when tremolo arm is used extremely.

→About Original pickups espresso II.

Active Impedance Converter Vitalizer-G1
Passive sound with powerful signal!!
The Vitalizer-G1 helps prevent losing player's unique passive sound from guitar and converts the signal to powerful and vivid low impedance signal.
The signal from Vitalizer-G1 will be a great weapon that helps you to be released from stress of noise and signal degradation from long instrument cables and many pedals connected in between the guitar and amp.
Tsuyoshi Kon uses Vitalizer-G1 always ON and it is so important for him as he needs to be able to adapt in different situations.

→About Vitalizer-G1

Setup by Shozo Shimura
All Providence Guitars are fine tuned by Shozo Shimura.
He is trusted and respected by many top pros in Japan for many years.All of our guitars are inspected carefully by him to make sure they are ready to be used live or recording immediately.

→About Shozo Shimura


  • ●Body : Ash 2 piece
  • ●Neck : Maple 1 piece /250R
  • ●Fingerboard : Indian Rosewood
  • ●Frets : Jascar #9665-NS
  • ●Scale : 25 1/2 inc
  • ●Tuners : GOTOH SG381 MG-T05
  • ●Bridge : GOTOH 510T-FEI
  • ●Pickups : ExⅡ Humbacker TB Neck, ExⅡ Humbacker Tapped Bridge
  • ●Pickguard : White Pearl 3 ply
  • ●Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone
  • ●Vitalizer-G1 VZ-G1
  • ●Switch : CRL 3 Way, Coil Tap x2, Vitalizer® ON/OFF Switch
  • ●Jack : Switchcraft



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