A wide dynamic range of overdrive sounds.
The Providence SOV-2 Stampede OD pedal is designed to deliver natural overdrive without obscuring the inherent characteristics and tone of the guitar being used. It features a special bipolar power supply that powers the internal circuitry with boosted voltage, providing a wider dynamic range than possible with conventional 9-volt powered overdrives. For singing lead tones and solid, chunky rhythms, there's nothing like the SOV-2 Stampede OD.

S.C.T Circuit
In standard "true bypass" circuits the instrument signal passes through two switch contacts when bypassed. The SOV-2 Single Contact True Bypass configuration ensures that the signal only passes through one switch contact when bypassed, for unmatched signal quality as well as reliability.

Multi-function LED
SIn addition to indicating the pedal's on/off status, the SOV-2 LED provides effective visual battery power monitoring. When the battery voltage drops below 7 volts the LED will become dimmer and begin to go out. The effect will still operate at this voltage, but to ensure optimum performance the battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

In units with a serial number earlier than #2001, the battery will be drained rapidly so the use of an AC adaptor is recommended.


  • ●Controls: LEVEL, TONE, DRIVE
  • ●Connectors: 1/4-inch phone jack x 2 (INPUT and OUTPUT),
     DC 9V input jack (AC adaptor jack)
  • ●Power Supply: 9V battery or AC adaptor
  • ●Power Consumption: DC 9V, 20 mA approx. (effect ON)
  • ●Dimensions:115(D)×72(W)×50(H)mm
  • ●Weight: 250 g approx. (Not including battery)

PRODUCTS MANUAL(Serial Number 2001 or earlier)
PRODUCTS MANUAL(Serial Number 2001 or later)

Carl Verheyen
The SOV-2 Stampede pedal is a new favorite of mine. With my vintage Strats I'm always looking for warm distortion without all that high end sizzle. The SOV-2 is perfect with single coil pickups, but I like the sound with my humbuckers, too.

Gretchen Menn
The SOV-2 is my new favorite overdrive pedal. It provides warm, thick, clear overdrive without eclipsing the inherent tone of my guitar going direct into my amp. It does not add noise, which is of critical importance, or sound artificial in any way.

Gabi Martinez



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