Delay time is adjustable from 1 to 2700 milliseconds. The current delay time is accurately shown on the 4-digit 7-segment LED display.

Switchable Display Modes
Delay time can be displayed in milliseconds (mSec) or beats per minute (BPM). The BPM display is not simply a "rough estimate. " BPM delay times are displayed with metronome accuracy.

Tap Tempo
The delay time is precisely set according to the tempo tapped on the TAP switch.

A/B Preset Memory
The A/B preset memory allows two different delay times settings to be memorized and recalled via the footswitch as needed.

With the specified delay time as a quarter-note reference, seven delay time variations ranging from half notes to eighth-note triplets can be directly selected via the BEAT SPLIT knob. Rhythm-based delay time settings that previously required tedious calculations can now be made in an instant.

Analog Circuitry Featuring the VITALIZER®
Both the VITALIZER® that prevents degradation of the direct signal and the mixer that combines the direct signal with the delay signal are analog circuits that have been designed and built to the highest possible sonic standards.

Simple Operation
The DLY-4 CHRONO DELAY features a simple interface that allows fast, intuitive control.

External TAP Input
A momentary (non-latching) type footswitch can be connected to the EXT.TAP jack to allow remote tap delay operation. When this function is used the A/B - TAP footswitch on the CHRONO DELAY unit is dedicated to A/B preset switching, so that tap delay and A/B preset switching operation are simultaneously available via separate footswitches.

Important Note Regarding Power Supply Unit for Chrono Delay.
We strongly recommend that all customers use the dedicated AC adapter supplied with the Chrono Delay DLY-4 in the original package. It may be possible that you did not receive the dedicated AC adapter for the Chrono Delay DLY-4 if you purchased it through an unofficial distributor, and using another company's power supply may void the warranty.
Supplied AC Adopter Model Number : PAP-712DCJ for North America and Japan, PAP-712DCU and MG81C for UK, PAP-712DCE for Europe.


     BPM – mSec toggle switch, A/B – TAP toggle switch, ON/OFF footswitch,
     A/B – TAP footswitch.
  • ●Connectors: Standard 1/4-inch phone jacks (INPUT, OUTPUT, EXT.TAP),
     DC12V input jack
  • ●Power Supply: Supplied AC adaptor (PAP-712DCJ for North America and Japan,
     PAP-712DCE for Europe, PAP-712DCU for UK)
  • ●Power Consumption: DC12V, 110mA
  • ●Dimensions: 122(D)x101(W)x58(H)mm
  • ●Weight: Approx 410 g, not incl. AC adaptor.


Carl Verheyen
The new Chrono delay pedal by Providence is the most user friendly pedal I've come across. They have literally thought of everything. Back in the 90s, studio guitarists would carry massive charts showing delay times and how they related to beats per minute (BPM). This enabled us to sync our delay times to the click track. My chart was laminated in plastic and delivered with my gear to every session I did. The Chrono delay has a switch to toggle between milliseconds and BPM, and a knob to switch between quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, dotted eighths.....even dotted half notes for real spacey ambience. To my knowledge it's the first delay pedal with a digital readout, too.

Jon Herington
I've been using the Chrono Delay pedal on some Madeleine Peyroux shows and on some Jon Herington Band shows recently. I love the transparency of the sound - it doesn't compromise the tone at all, and seems to add some magic of its own. I also love that I can use the footswitch to select either of two preset delay times - I have it set at 175 ms most of the time, but when I need a longer delay time, I just step on it and it jumps to 434 ms.. The greatest thing is I can switch right back to the shorter time - no knob-twiddling, no bending over! And all in one pedal! Nice!

Prashant Aswani
This delay has brilliant features. I really like the bmp setting as many times I know the tempo of a tune and can immediately get the timing accurate. This saves a ton of time when tracking and also when switching for live use. The hardness setting is something I have looked for in a delay for many years and always wondered why no one came up with it. As you know is allows me to darken the delay for a smooth lead tone and brighten it with clean settings. The tap temps extension is also a great feature as I am able to have 2 preset delays and change on the fly if the tempo changes on a song in the middle of a live set. I love the power adapter design. The small size makes it very easy to fit into any power strip.

Ramon Goose
Ever since I started performing as a musician I have been on the quest for the ultimate tone and the Providence Chrono Delay has become a core component of my touring and recording rig., its crystalline tone and simple operation really does the trick. A while back I decided to stop using delay effects altogether because I found they would digitise your original guitar signal and really mess with the overall tone of the amp but the Providence delay keeps your original signal analog and true from input to output. So now I can do a concert with just one amp, one guitar and a Chrono delay in the fx loop of the amp and for me its just magic. With great features like the digital readout and the ability to switch between Bpm and Msec and just the total ease of use for the non-technically minded musician (like myself) the Providence Chrono delay is a revelation in design and sound quality.

Gretchen Menn
The Providence Chrono Delay offers a bulletproof combination of flexibility, incredibly intuitive operation, and gorgeous-sounding delays. The accurate tap tempo and ability to store two different delays times are essential for me, and this pedal provides both while commanding a comparably tiny amount of precious pedalboard real estate.

Larry Carlton



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