R302 model


The Platinum Link series R302 model has been specially designed for microphone and line use. It offers essentially the same sound and characteristics as the R301 model, at a more accessible price by skipping the Electron irradiation cross-linking treatment that prevents dissolving the polyethylene in insulator. Non-OFC materials are used for high resistance to degradation due to oxidization. The wide-range transmission of this advanced cable can give dynamic microphones a more refined character, making them sound more like condenser microphones. Although ideal for professional digital recording the R302 model is warm and natural sounding at the same time. A variety of connector configurations are available for broad compatibility: in addition to Neutrik NC3FXX/NC3MXX and Providence nickel-plated one-piece NP-14 connector versions, TRS phone and MIDI versions are available.

R302 Specifications
  • Conductor-Size : 0.30mm2
  • Construction(No./mm) : 28/0.12A
  • Diametr : 0.73mm
  • Insulation-Thickness : 0.64mm(±0.05)
  • Diametr : 2.00mm
  • Paired twisting diameter : 4.00mm
  • Shield-Diameter : 4.60mm
  • Jacket-Thickness : 0.80mm(±0.10)
  • Diameter : 6.20mm
  • Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C) : 58.00≧(Ω/km)
  • Capacitance(1kHz) : Approx. 70pF/m

Platinum Link R302 model


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