Providence Bass

Providence Bass

  • aRB-108R/aRB-108M
Under the theme we pursued many years, “Fighting Power”, we achieved the concept of high playability with 4 string bass’character. The aRB-108R/ aRB-108M.

Vitalizer Bass Preamp
Loaded with VP-B1J4 Assembly.

The Vitalizer Bass Preamp VP-B1 is placed on the 4 knob control plate and it's designed easy to use in limited space.
The passive controls are Master Volume, Balance, and Tone, and the push/pull switch on Master Volume can turn on/off the active circuit. The custom made W curve dual pots are used for 2 band EQ active control. these boost/cut the Treble/Bass very smooth. The MN curve pot is used for Balance for better balance control, and it can control the mix balance of the neck and bridge pickup well.
Also, by placing our original brass spacer under the control plate to increase conductivity, it helps to achieve better sound quality and even the gap of control knobs.
→About Vitalizer® Bass Preamp VP-B1

The original pickups eXpresso II and its hardware
This bass is loaded with our original espresso II exII-J11 pickups. These are produced by Shozo Shimura and developed with Minoru Kariya at Kariya-Pickups.
These pickups’ magnet are Alnico 5, and by changing the number of winding for neck and bridge pickup, it gives powerful yet well balanced sound.
GOTOH GB528 are used for pegs for accurate tuning, and brass made HIPSHOT A-Style is used on bridge for better sound quality.
→About original pickup series espresso II

Shozo Shimura's special method to choose wood and Asuka's high technological strength.
We aim to achieve that the players get to focus on performance without any stress.
The natural lined 2 piece Ash body reduces awkwardness of playing and Shimura’s special method of choosing wood with Asuka’s experience create the neck that stays stable and good sounding body.
→About Asuka


  • ●Body : Ash 2 piece
  • ●Neck : Maple
  • ●Fingerboard : Indian Rosewood (aRB-108R)/Maple (aRB-108M)
  • ●Frets : 21frets
  • ●Scale : 864mm
  • ●Tuners : GOTOH GB528
  • ●Bridge : HIPSHOT 4String 787 A-style Brass製
  • ●Pickups : eXⅡ-J11(Neck), eXⅡ-J31(Bridge)
  • ●Pickguard : 3P White Pearl (aRB-108R)/3P Black (aRB-108M)
  • ●Controls : Master Vol. (Active/Passive Switch), Balance, Tone, Treble/Bass
  • ●Preamp : Vitalizer® Bass Preamp VP-B1
  • ●Gauge : .045/.065/.085/.105
  • ●Body Color : See Through White Blonde (aRB-108R)/Black (aRB-108M)



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