Providence Bass

Providence Bass

  • aCB-200PR
(3 Tone Sunburst)
We pursued the “PP” more with the aCB-200PR model. The combination of the powerful split typed P neck pickup and straight typed P bridge pickup delivers from basic sound to never before bass sound.

Providence's special electrical component
Loaded with the Vitalizer for bass, VZ-B1 and the toggle switch enables to select Passive and Active. The noise level has decreased after shielding pickups' poll piece, reviewing wiring material and more to actualize the great sound and unprecedented smooth usability control with noise suppression by Providence's improved electrical component inside of the cavity.
→About Vitalizer® Bass Preamp VP-B1

The core of the Innvative Passive Sound, Vitalizer VZ-B1
The Vitalizer™ VZ-B1 converts high impedance signal that are more likely to degrade the sound quality by picking up noise or losing higher frequency sound while going through the wiring and electric circuits to low impedance signal that are less likely to be affected by those problems. It is an Active Impedance Converter that Providence has applied original invention to make sure the sound doesn't get too Hi-Fi while respecting the instrument's character of sound signals. It's designed to have huge headroom and output level, and wide frequency range that converts and delivers the low impedance signal without coloring bass' natural sound utmost to be appropriate to call "Innovative Passive Sound". Also, the bottom end that is tightened up by the VZ-B1 shines its presence in the band or ensemble. The VZ-B1 is tuned to deliver the sound when 5m instrument cable is used. This will be a strong weapon for the player and releases the stress from tonal loss and noise problem that are caused by using long cables, many pedals, and connection.

The new basic sound, "PP" Pickups combination and our original hardware
This bass is loaded with our original espresso II exII-V11 pickup and exII-V31. These are produced by Shozo Shimura and developed with Minoru Kariya at Kariya-Pickups. These pickups’ magnet are Alnico 5, and by changing the number of winding for neck and bridge pickup, it gives powerful, natural and modern new basic sound. GOTOH GB640 pegs used for accurate tuning, and our original plate BP1-B4i (2.9mm thickness) is used for bridge for tight tone with more sustain.
→About original pickup series espresso II

Shozo Shimura’s special method to choose woods and Asuka’s high technological strength.
We aim to achieve that the players get to focus on performance without any stress. The natural lined 2 piece Ash body reduces awkwardness of playing. Shimura’s special method of choosing wood for neck and Asuka's manufacturing know-how creates stable structured maple 1pc neck that is very smooth to play.
→About Shozo Shimura
→About Asuka


  • ●Body : Alder 2 piece
  • ●Neck : Maple 1 piece
  • ●Fingerboard : Rosewood
  • ●Frets : 21frets
  • ●Scale : 864mm
  • ●Tuners : GOTOH GB640
  • ●Bridge : Providence BP1-B4i + Gotoh S201
  • ●Pickups : eXⅡ-P11(Neck), eXⅡ-V31(Bridge)
  • ●Pickguard : Black
  • ●Controls : Masater Volume, Balance, Tone (Active ON/OFF SW)
  • ●Circuit : Vitalizer® VZ-B1
  • ●Gauge : .045/.065/.085/.105/.130
  • ●Body Color : 3TS (3 Tone Sunburst)/BLK (Black)



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