We believe if the artists obtain the perfect equipment that boosts their passion of music and delivers correct clean signal from the guitar to amp, their stress will be reduced and able to focus on performance more. Are we able to contribute happiness and inspiration to the listeners and audience around the world by the phenomenal energy unleashed by artists who are released from all the obstacles? This is the brand philosophy by Providence and we have started the Providence Guitar & Bass Project to make it happen. We also consider the wood that are crucial material of the guitar as precious life.
Therefore, we pursue "high quality" in guitar by teaming up with the leading guitar tech, Shozo Shimura and breathe new life into the wood. We aim to achieve the best sound by applying the electrical technology we have studied as Providence Guitar Electrics Project and develop it into the cavity which we don't see it progressed last few decades.

About Providence Bass

About Asuka (Manufacture of Providence® aRB-108 series)
They started manufacturing from acoustic guitars known as MOMOSE Custom Craft Guitars, and they manufacture high quality instruments with top-notch technologies. Their experience and knowledge from manufacturing acoustic guitars are applied as a foundation that what are required for the guitars.

Asuka's high manufacture skills
Cutting error process helps neck more stable.
Neck joint reprocess treatment achieves body and neck's connection tighter as set-neck and delivers body’s sound to the neck maximally.
Our original setup made truss rod range wider and it will stay easy to adjust neck for many years.
Many manufacturing and processing technologies are applied for Providence Guitars/Basses.

※What is cutting error process for neck?
It is not a common process to be done by most mass production manufactures as it takes a lot of time and work.
When we process the neck wood, we process it roughly and slightly bigger first and let the wood sleep for a while.
By letting it sleep for a bit, it brings the wood’s character and natural error out.
Between the difference of the rough process and final process, the neck already showed its error once. Therefore, the neck is more likely to be stable.

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